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Golf 101: What to do at the first tee

We're back with another episode of our golf 101 series and this time Abby and Gabby are covering what to do at the first tee. Watch the video below and continue reading to prepare for your next round!

Before you even head to the first tee, watch our video about what to do when you get to the golf course.

  1. Upon approaching the first tee, place your golf bags off to one side, in line or slightly behind the tee markers. If possible, set your bag outside the teeing ground, which is typically identified by a different length in grass.

  2. Whoever is ready should tee off first!

  3. While your playing partners are preparing to tee off, grab your club, golf glove, tee and golf ball.

  4. It's nice etiquette to not talk while your playing partner is teeing off so they can focus.

  5. When it's your turn to hit, place your golf ball on the tee in line or slightly behind the tee markers. Take a practice swing and then tee off! Have a great round!


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