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Golf 101: What's a Handicap Index and what's GHIN?

Our Golf 101 series returns for a special episode answering all of our questions about Handicap Indexes and GHIN. A huge thank you to Ainsley Kuppler (Handicap Index: 39.6) and Frances Nee (Handicap Index: 26.5) of the United States Golf Association for breaking it down for us.

Some of the questions we tackle include:

  • Why should you get one?

  • What will it add to my golf game?

  • How is it calculated?

  • Once I sign up, how do I establish my Handicap Index?

  • What if I don't keep score on every hole?

  • Where do I post my scores?

  • Does my "number" matter?

You can register for a Handicap Index today with this link.


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