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Golf 101: What to do when you arrive at a golf course

So you're ready to play a round of golf, or maybe you're headed to a FTL golf event soon! Going to the golf course and figuring your way around for the first time can be intimidating, but do not fear, Abby and Gabby are here to help!

Watch the video and read our tips below for our suggestions to making your trip to the course a breeze.

  1. We recommend arriving 20 to 30 minutes before your tee time or event to ensure you have plenty of time to do everything you need before hitting the course.

  2. If you have a golf bag, take it to the bag drop when you arrive. This is typically labeled with a sign.

  3. Head to the pro shop and check in for your tee time or event.

  4. Once you've checked in, go to the driving range and hit a few shots with different golf clubs in your bag. This is a good time to stretch, make practice swings and brush off any bad shots!

  5. Go to the practice putting green and putt from varying distances such as 4 feet, 8 feet and 12 feet to replicate what you may experience on the course.

  6. Time to go! Grab a scorecard, tees, pencils, ball markers and anything else that the starter's box may have.

  7. Have fun! Every course is a little different, but this should get you started.


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