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Golf 101: Commonly used phrases and terms

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

You know the basics of the game and have been taught how to swing a golf club. We wish we could say it’s that simple, but that’s why we’re here to help!

Fore the Ladies has multiple resources for getting into golf, but we’re adding another forum to the mix. See the images below, where you’ll find common terms used when talking about and in playing the game. We will update this on a regular basis.

We’d also recommend checking out our Golf 101 Podcast Series and the Glossary we’ve created with our friends from Five Iron Golf. Now get out there and play!

How to use the term "green fee" in golf: “What’s the green fee to play this golf course?” “It’s probably around $50 plus the cost of a golf cart.”

How to use the word, mulligan, when playing: “Hey, I didn’t like that shot. I’m going to take a mulligan here if you all don’t mind.”

How to use "tee box" in golf: “I need to use the restroom at the turn but I’ll meet you at the tee box in a few!”

How to use the word scramble in golf: Do you want to play in this scramble with me next weekend? It's a fundraiser tournament and low pressure!

How to use the word Nassau in golf: Veronica won all three matches in the Nassau yesterday against Max. We're not surprised to see it!

How to use "up and down" in golf: After hitting her approach into the greenside bunker, she stuck it to three feet and sunk the putt for a solid up-and-down par.

How to use "gimme" in golf. Sara's lag putt stopped just 4 inches short of the hole. We'll give it to her, it's a gimme.

How to use "the turn" in golf: On hole 7, Abby shared that she was hungry and was going to order a hot dog at the turn.

How to use the term "fade" in golf: Emily hit a nice fade into the green.

How to use the term "draw" in golf: Abby is working on executing that baby draw instead of coming over the top in her swing.

How to use the term "ace" in golf: Alexis made an ace on the par-3, 8th hole at Pinehurst. It was epic and she owed everyone drinks after the round.

How to use the term "bunker" in golf: Kristen was playing in the beach a lot today. She ended up hitting into six bunkers during her round.

How to use the term "dogleg" in golf: Caroline played the 14th hole so well today. It's a dogleg right and she cut the corner for an easy approach into the green.

How to use the term "pairings" in golf: One of our favorite events in golf is a pairings party, where the field finds out who they are playing with the following day.

How to use the term "dialed" in golf: Amelia was dialed yesterday around the greens. She was basically giving a clinic with her short game and made two chip-in birdies!

How to use "the sim" in golf: Hey, are you busy tomorrow night? I think I'm going to hit the sim for a quick range session before my round this weekend.

How to use "home stretch" in golf: Lucy was playing a personal best round and was feeling good heading into the home stretch after a birdie on 15.

How to use the term "eagle," in golf: Lucy made an eagle on the par-4 10th after dunking her approach from 90 yards away!

How to use the term "bump-and-run" in golf: I want to hit a bump and run here because I have plenty of room on the green for the ball to roll to the hole.

How to use the term "slope" in golf: I turned the slope on my rangefinder because the course was so hilly and my depth perception was all over the place!


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