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Golf 101: Putting Mirror Training Aid

In this week’s #golf101, Abby is bringing you her new favorite training aid - the Eyeline putting mirror. While she’s not one to typically use training aids, her putting really needed some work so she is giving this one a shot. So far, so good! Bonus - We love how it can easily fit in your golf bag and hardly adds any weight.

A putting mirror can really help you with alignment. There is a center black line that should be in line with your target. When you set yourself for the putt, your eyes should be just over that black center line. In addition, you'll often hear that you want the putter face to be "squared up." That means that it is perpendicular to that black center line for the ideal setup to make your putt.

Another lever you can pull when using this tool is setting up a putter gate, which you'll see Abby doing in the video below. Place two tees in the holes of the putting mirror and that will help ensure you keep the putter on the right path after your perfect setup. At the end of the day, you want to hit the golf ball in that center sweet spot of the putter for solid contact.

What golf training aids have you tried?


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