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Golf 101: Playing with a caddie

Have you taken a caddie? It can make your experience on the golf course even better. Let’s dive in with some from help from PGA Professional Gabby Steiner and Savannah Gardner of Family & Co Chiropractic! Thanks to Guy at Dormie Club for the assist with this Golf 101 episode!

Some additional things to remember when taking a caddie:

⛳️ They’ve seen ALL skill sets, so don’t worry about bad shots. They happen!

⛳️ The caddie will provide your yardage to the pin and other areas of focus on the course, like avoiding that bunker 80 yards away.

⛳️ They want your round to be fun! Feel free to ask your caddie about the course, its history, any funny stories they have …

⛳️They will rake the bunker for you, clean your golf ball on the green, and help read your putts!

⛳️ You should always tip your caddie for their hard work and support!


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