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Golf 101: Grip

Your girlies #AbbyandGabby are baaaack! Gabby Steiner is Lead Assistant Professional and Merchandise Manager at Dormie Golf Club and has been helping us uncover all aspects of playing golf. Today we are covering how to grip the golf club!

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • If you’re right handed, she recommends holding the club to the left side of our body, and placing the club in your fingers.

  • Once you have the club laying across your fingers, you should have a nice little v shape with your thumb and index finger.

  • Finally, for grip placement, most grips should have a line or two at the top. Make sure your entire hand is below those lines so you can properly hold onto the golf club when swinging it.

  • BONUS! You can also move your hands down on the grip if you want to decrease distance or want more control on a certain shot. Gabby recommends keeping your hands towards the top of the handle in most cases. 


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