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Fore the Ladies Finds: A female-first newsletter

fore the ladies finds

volume 1, issue 1

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble.” – Serena Williams

Hi all!

When Fore the Ladies entered 2020, we were incredibly full of hope and excitement for the events ahead. Oh how things can change. We’ve tried to make the most of it, featuring more women in our Ladies of Golf series, introducing video interviews and adding gear to our site!

Our next little project was the brainchild of Brooke McKay who has been a Fore the Ladies attendee and supporter from the very beginning. With some help from our friends, we’re excited to bring you Fore the Ladies Finds, where we will be sharing what we’re listening, reading, watching, playing, wearing and more.

I hope you’re having a wonderful and safe summer, and hopefully playing golf along the way!

-Abby, Fore the Ladies Founder

July Finds



We don't necessarily see ourselves as yogis, but we'll take a class from CBS Sports Reporter Amanda Balionis any day! Her yoga flow session is great for beginners like us but also a perfect warm up before your next round. Namaste! YOGA FLOW


The TrapDraw podcast lives within No Laying Up's ecosystem and this episode features Lakareber Abe, professional golfer on the LPGA's Symetra Tour. Lakareber has one of the more unique backgrounds in golf. She is the daughter of Ugandan-American parents, and her father got the golf bug after coming to the States, which he eventually shared with Lakareber and her sister. THE POD


This Coola BB+ cream tinted organic sunscreen carries the light texture known to the brand. Since you should be wearing sunscreen, you might as well look flawless doing it. SHOP


Over here at Fore the Ladies we take our on course golf attire super seriously. We have always believed the thinking that if you look good, you'll play good. We all know it's tough to find women's golf clothes that meet the trifecta standards - flattering, comfortable, and golf course appropriate. That's why we're sharing with you the skort we bought in every color! The Outdoor Voices Court Skort did not let us down and it pairs exceptionally well with our new Fore the Ladies tee. We already love their yoga pants and the Court Skort is made with the same mid-weight, durable Textured Compression fabric and even features built-in shorts and phone pocket for storage. -Brooke M. SHOP

Ladies of Golf: Tari Cash

Tari Cash, Founder & CEO of CitySwing, joins us for our next Ladies of Golf feature. CitySwing is an indoor simulator that wants everyone to feel they have a place to play and was created for a wide range of golfers – from those addicted to the game to those that have never imagined themselves participating.

We chat with Tari about how her past experiences at Citigroup, Penske, Under Armour, Tesla culminated in launching CitySwing. She also shares with us how golf can diversify and the ways in which race has impacted her professional and personal life.


So many of my golf follows on Instagram are only posting men, male athletes, gear for men, etc., so I've been consciously seeking out women in golf to enrich my feed. @LPGA_Tour has done an awesome job over the past few months with their athlete takeover series. It's been fascinating to see women all over the world go through their days, their workout routines, what they're cooking, and even their pets. If you don't already follow, I highly recommend it! - Sara H.


Ever noticed how the snack options at the turn aren't the healthiest? For this reason we're always packing quick and easy snacks in our bag that will keep our energy up for the entire round. We've been testing all the Verb Energy bar flavors and it's tough to pick a favorite. These little bars are energizing, jitter-free, delicious, and healthy. We love them because at just 90 calories they pack as much caffeine as an espresso. Verb makes all their bars with organic green tea and other gluten-free, vegan ingredients. -Brooke M.


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