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Pinehurst Travel Tips: The Carolina Hotel

We’re less than a month away from The Lily Golf Getaway at Pinehurst Resort! Let’s explore The Carolina Hotel, aka The Queen of the South, and all the fun it has to offer. The Carolina Hotel first opened in 1901 and has been delighting guests ever since. The hotel recently went through a renovation for its 200-plus guest rooms which look gorgeous today. A few things we recommend checking out during your stay at The Carolina Hotel include:

  • Indulging in the legendary breakfast buffet in the Carolina Dining Room

  • Shopping their two retail stores that have home decor, lifestyle pieces and premium golf apparel you won't find elsewhere at the resort

  • Having a beverage (or two) at the Carolina Vista Lounge to end the day. Their cocktail menu is delightful and pays homage to the area

  • Starting the day with a latte at the coffee shop on site


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