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The Ultimate Women's Golf Trip to Pinehurst: Our itinerary, fashion tips and more

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

March 9, 2021

Your Pinehurst itinerary experts, from left to right: Brooke, Kristen, Alexis, Veronica, Bailey, Abby, Emily and Amanda.

Words cannot describe the feelings that we’re having after a weekend at Pinehurst Resort. Our group of eight came together from different places and in life for a few days of golf, drinks and laughs in the Sandhills of North Carolina, and left the weekend with new friends and incredible memories.

We were part of The Lily Golf Getaway with Pinehurst Resort, in which Fore the Ladies and the resort partnered to welcome 68 women for an event that focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere and was simply a blast. We think Donald Ross would’ve had a great time alongside our crew and we’re already counting down to next year!

Our itinerary included …

Day 1

  • Arrival

  • Dinner and drinks around the fire

Day 2

  • Breakfast at The Carolina Hotel

  • Play course No. 5

  • Snacks at The Deuce

  • Appointments at the Spa at Pinehurst

  • Tasting at the Pinehurst Brewery

  • Dinner at The Tavern at The Holly Inn

Day 3

  • Breakfast at The Carolina Hotel

  • Play course No. 4

  • Lunch at The Deuce

  • Play The Cradle

  • Dinner with The Lily group at The Carolina Hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast at The Carolina Hotel

  • Play course No. 2

  • Lunch at The Deuce

  • Departures (bittersweet!!)

While it’s still fresh in our minds, each of us shared our recommendations for your trip to Pinehurst. If you ever have any questions about a ladies trip, send us a note or message us on Instagram @foretheladies!

Abby Liebenthal

Our host and Fore the Ladies founder, Abby has spent quite some time in Pinehurst but she learns something new from each trip. For your next trip to Pinehurst, she recommends:

  • Set your expectations prior to the trip. When I played courses No. 2 and No. 4 for the first time, I just wanted to take it all in and enjoy the walk. Other times, I’m hoping to play well and beat my last score. If this is a trip, I’d go with the first mindset!

  • Ship your clubs! Who wants to drag their heavy golf bag through their airport? Not me. Thanks to Ship Sticks we have a special offer for you to get your clubs to Pinehurst safely. Check it out here.

  • Bring a blanket if you’re playing in the morning and taking a cart.

  • Speakers for music are welcome!

  • Fashion thoughts: Wear comfortable golf shoes, bring a beanie if you’re playing in the morning in early spring and the pro shop has hand warmers! Plan to wear your outfit the entire day until you go back to shower and change for dinner - therefore, bring all the layers!

  • When in doubt, have the Woodpecker

  • Stay an extra day to spread out the activities and add exploring the village and/or Southern Pines

Alexis Eader

“Listen to your heart and get another transfusion” Alexis joined us from San Diego for her first adventure to Pinehurst. Her tips for your trip to the resort include:

  • Definitely club up!

  • Listening to your caddie

  • Look up when you walk to see your beautiful surroundings

  • Listen to your heart and get another transfusion

  • Bring a light carry bag

  • Stay an extra night

  • Explore dinner options: At least 1 in the village

  • Get the tots at The Deuce

  • Play for fun, not for score


Amanda Herrington

Amanda came north from Florida for her debut to Pinehurst. She recommends:

  • Stay an extra night

  • Take time to explore Southern Pines

  • Have the tots at The Deuce

  • Eat the grits at The Carolina Hotel

  • Guest DJ Vry at The Cradle (see Veronica below)

Bailey Chamblee

You may recognize Bailey from her fabulous Instagram takeover on the @pinehurstresort account. Bailey’s tips for your trip include:

  • Playing 18 followed by The Cradle is better than 36 in one day (that’s how much fun/necessary The Cradle is, and, let’s be honest, 36 holes in one day can beat you up!)

  • Add another massage to our itinerary after No. 2 on the final day, a “chill” dinner in that night and depart the next morning

  • Have the key lime pie at The Carolina Hotel

  • Visit all three shops - each one has completely unique and different offerings, so need to shop from all for the full effect

  • Wear comfortable shoes. There is lots of walking.

  • At The Cradle, they give you a carry bag to borrow

  • Woodpecker > Transfusion

  • When possible, tee off in early March at 10 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. ;)

  • Keep the pine soap!

  • Ask for Bunny at The Tavern!

Brooke McKay

Brooke traveled from Indiana for her first trip to Pinehurst. Her recommendations are:

  • Read up a little on Pinehurst history, Donald Ross and his courses

Emily escaped chilly Minnesota for the Sandhills, which she has been to before to play in competition. She suggests:

  • Stay an extra night

  • Have an extra spa visit

  • Make extra time to go to Southern Pines or the village

  • Reservations for dinner

  • Take a caddie when playing No. 2

  • Pack an extra duffle or leave room in your baggage for souvenirs

  • Woodpecker over Transfusion (if you know, you know)

  • Get a transfusion from Sheila at The Cradle

Kristen Fox

Our fashionista Kristen made the trek from Charleston via New Jersey. Her tips for a Pinehurst trip include:

  • Get a golf massage for both pre and post rounds! It was great to ‘loosen up’ but also would have been great after

  • Tee times at The Cradle are a must!

  • Golf clothes are appropriate everywhere for breakfast/lunch/afternoon

  • Check out all three shops for different items

  • Special golf items are only available at places like The Nest and The Pinecone

  • When in doubt, club up for most courses

  • Short is better than long on No. 2

  • The warm cookies at the turn on No. 2 are delightful

Veronica Ryan

Veronica brought her NYC vibes to Pinehurst and even had a bonus day due to flight cancellations! Her thoughts (must be read in a southern drawl for full effect from her caddie)

  • “Keep it in the fairway, away from the sandy grass. We call that stuff the “love grass” around here because it’s gonna try and eff you every time.”

  • Be a positive vibe and play the music (bring a speaker)



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