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Ladies of Golf: The Lily at Pinehurst Resort, Our Tips and Tricks

We have an incredibly fun episode of Ladies of Golf for you, where we welcome six of our 40 participants from the 2023 FTL Golf Getaway - The Lily at Pinehurst Resort - to talk about their experiences. A huge thank you to Annie, Brenda, Colleen, Julie, Kate and Sara for coming on the podcast to talk about our weekend at Pinehurst Resort!

We discuss: Our itinerary, what it's like playing with caddies (awesome, but we divulge more), adding more golf and nights to the trip, what you need to play The Cradle, packing for the golf trip, shopping at the resort and so much more. Thank you so much to our hosts at Pinehurst and our event supporters - Titleist and adidas golf.


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