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Streamsong Resort Golf Getaway: Our Tips and Tricks for Ladies

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

November 19, 2021

We’re still coming off the major high from an epic weekend at Streamsong Resort for our second golf getaway, Hearts & Darts. Thirty-five women joined us for a weekend of golf, camaraderie, off-the-course activities and plenty more that we’ll cherish for years to come!

With that said, you now have 35 experts who are ready to give you tips and tricks for your trip to Streamsong. Check out some of our highlights below as well as the itinerary we used for this unforgettable weekend.


Arrivals Drinks and apps at The Gauntlet, the putting course at Streamsong Black Dinner (some of us went to Sotto Terra) followed by drinks at the rooftop bar, Fragmentary Blue


Play Streamsong Black Off-course activities: Archery, sporting clays and the spa Group dinner Drinks at Fragmentary Blue


Play Streamsong Red Departures

Sara H.

  • Caddies are essential! The courses are big with little to no direction from green to tees, lots of interesting lines off the tees (you want me to aim where?!), and big, fast, undulating greens. Needless to say, our caddies were essential to our weekend at Streamsong. Don't be shy about playing with one if you've never done it before! Drew and Coop, our caddies, were the highlight of the weekend.

  • Texas wedge ALL DAY! Get comfortable putting from off the greens, it's going to be your best move a lot of the time around the greens

  • Wear your best, most comfortable walking shoes - we averaged about 7.5 miles each day walking

  • The poolside bar makes a MEAN pina colada - ask for a floater for an extra kick

  • Bug spray if you are outside after dark, or just don't plan to be outside after dark! The mosquitos are no joke.

  • Give yourself a little extra time for the shuttles - plus some extra time at Red/Blue because they have to shuttle you to and from the range before your round.

Chelsea K.

  • Hangout on the porch of the Streamsong Black clubhouse to watch the sunset, the views are unreal!

  • Order the Shrimp & Lobster roll at the turn on Streamsong Black

  • Request Drew & Coop to be your caddies for your foursome, you will not be dissapointed

  • Order the Little Payne Creek lager at the 19th hole! Who doesn't love a local beer?!

Alexis L.

  • Don’t be nervous! Everyone is super supportive and patient, regardless of your skill level, not to mention super cool!

  • Stay an extra night. After your second day playing (and walking) 18 holes, it was so great to be able to take a nice nap instead of having to rush to the airport!

  • Try the Añejo Old Fashion at the Fragmentary Blue rooftop bar. It is AMAZING!

  • If you’re a vegetarian, you might want to order a sandwich or bagel at breakfast, wrap it up, and bring it with you as there aren’t many vegetarian option at the turn on Black or Red (didn’t play Blue) other than chips and granola bars.

Colleen K. Y.

  • Play with someone you didn’t know before the trip, making new friends can be hard, but much easier when you are playing a 4 hour game with them in beautiful scenery.

  • Get a caddy. It might be intimidating at first, but the tips they provide will improve your game and give you a new perspective on your swings (especially your putts).

Rachael M.

  • Golf is hard. Professionals have bad shots, have fun and keep moving, don’t worry about having to be perfect or be intimidated by playing, especially on a nice course.

  • Transfusions on the course help you relax :)

  • The rooftop bar was a great time at night, make sure you visit!

  • Bring bug spray! At times the mosquitos were bad

  • The gauntlet was great for some after round drinks and friendly competition or as a way to warm up your putting, especially for the Black course

More tips from our participants!

Val B.

  • Get over those nerves and take a caddie every chance you get. There is nothing like walking the course with a caddie, so please, please don’t let those nerves make you miss out on that experience. I learned so much watching my caddy navigate a relentless course, read impossible greens, and help conquer that mental game going on in my head.

  • No, you do not need to get better to use a caddie. Repeat this with me: I do NOT need to get better to use a caddie. Golf is sometimes hard, often punishing, and always relentless. And caddies know that better than anyone else. What’s the worst that can happen? You go out and play the worst round of your life? Look at it this way: their job is to get you through the round with whatever game we came with. You’re doing them a favor by delivering them a proper challenge (so nice of you!). After all, isn’t that why we all love golf, for the challenge?

  • Take a lesson from your caddie and Ted Lasso: be a goldfish and don’t dwell on those mistakes. Did I whiff the ball in front of my caddie? Yes. Did I pick up after four tries of getting out of bunker? Yes. Twice. Did I want to run and hide in the bushes from embarrassment? Only the first time. Then I remembered about the rattlesnakes. Did my caddie care? Nope. He quickly changed the subject (is that a trick they use?) that would make me forget that beautiful whiff ever happened. And full disclosure: that whiff was more like a pirouette. He was a steady reminder of the next shot and that my round wasn’t going to be defined by a handful of god-help-me-what-in-the-heck-was-that shots.

  • Caddies make those good shots great. You know those shots that make you keep playing; the ones that make you second-guess whether you’re trash at golf? Well, caddies love them even more. When I executed the caddie’s direction (can be easier said than done), we both celebrated as a team. Because with a caddie by your side, golf is the best team sport.

Kristen F.

  • Just book it already! Streamsong was the perfect weekend golf getaway. Don't let the perceived remoteness of the location scare you - it's closer to Tampa then you think. Once you arrive, the remoteness is why you go - It's impossible not to unplug and simply enjoy the rugged beauty and contemporary design of the resort. It was the perfect three day experience for a little golf and R&R. An unexpected escape that I'd absolutely recommend to my couple friends, foursome friends, or bigger groups.

  • Request Coop and Drew as your caddies. Simply put, they were awesome -- fun fact about each: Drew is the three time caddie champion at Streamsong. Coop has a twin brother who caddies at Bandon. You can bet that we'll be requesting a pairing when the Fore the Ladies group is there in May!

  • Leave yourself extra time for shuttles. While the resort is not that large, the shuttles have to cover a lot of ground. Account for a good 15 min extra to get to wherever you need to be.

  • Bug Spray for the evenings. Once the sun goes down, the mosquitos come out in full force. The shops sell Ranger Ready spray (a personal favorite).

  • Shop the lodge (for Ladies). Black clubhouse has limited ladies apparel. Red/Blue has more. However, I found the lodge shop to have the most interesting items.

Susan W.

  • Don't be intimidated by the caddies. They are truly there to help regardless of your skill level. They are pros and you will love them.

  • Bring a lightweight golf carry bag if possible. Borrow one if you need to.

  • Dress in layers. The weather could be chilly in the morning - even in Florida


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