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Pinehurst Golf Trip Tips: Putting on Bermuda Greens

The Lily, a FTL Golf Getaway, begins at Pinehurst Resort in a few weeks! Thanks to Pinehurst Assistant Professional Ryan Batcheller, we’ll be reading greens and sinking putts all weekend long.

As Ryan shares, grain is the direction in which Bermuda grass grows, which is the type of grass used at Pinehurst Resort courses. Ryan likes to say, "grain beats gravity," so when you look at the cup, look to see where the grain is (watch video below for example!). You will see a "burnt edge" on the cup perimeter and the burnt edge is the direction in which the grass is growing. You will get an idea for where the ball will roll based on if you are putting down grain (a faster putt) or into the grain (slower putt).


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