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Golf 101: Putting green etiquette

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

You’ve made it to the green (woot!) but now what? Your friends Abby and Gabby are here to help with etiquette in putting. Scroll down for our video and find more of our tips on Instagram.

A few key tips:

  • If you make a mark with your approach shot, fix it with a repair tool

  • You can mark your golf ball so you can line it up toward the hole (we suggest using the line on the ball so you have a frame of reference!)

  • Avoid walking through the line between your playing partner’s ball and the hole.

  • If your ball marker is in someone’s line, you can always move it one direction. Just make sure to put it back!

  • Typically the person who is farthest from the hole will putt first, but if you’re playing ready golf (go for it!), whoever is ready to roll can go!


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