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Our most asked questions about getting fit for golf clubs

When is the best time to get fit? 

The best time to get fit is when you are ready to buy, don’t only get fit when you are swinging well or think your swing is “ready.” The goal of getting fit is to find equipment that is going to help you improve. If you work with an instructor, you could always ask for their recommendation, too. 

What should I expect the day of the fitting? 

Don’t play golf that day because you will hit an entire round’s worth of golf balls! You’ll hit good shots and bad shots (and that’s just fine). Your fitter will use that data to put together your set. Most Importantly, have fun with it. The fitter has seen it all and we all hit bad shots.

Should I get fit for a golf ball or clubs first? A good fitter should address the golf ball first, or ask questions about what type of ball you play. This can help shape the equipment choices for your scoring clubs - irons and wedges - and what would be best for your game. Remember, you do hit the golf ball on every shot! 

How do I not get scammed (red flags)? Do some research on best fitters in your area, and you’re welcome bring someone you trust with you to the fitting. You also don’t have to feel pressured to make a decision or purchase the day of the fitting. You can write down the information of what you were fit for, which is called your specs. 

Do I have to get fit for every club? No! You can always get fit for just a driver, irons or woods. If you do get fit for just one type of club, the fitter should look at your current set make-up to make sure specs of your shaft are similar to the rest of your clubs.

You could also go to a major big box store like Golf Galaxy or PGA Tour Superstore and do some initial screening on products before getting fit. You can also get fit and then peruse the options before pulling the trigger. If you’re doing a fitting, it’s good practice for the fitter to test out a few different options rather than putting you in a box right away. When in the fitting, pay attention to how does the club looks to your eye and what feels the easiest and most comfortable to hit. A fitter may try to put you into a club or a “box” of what they think may work for you, but it's ultimately your decision.

You also don’t need to have 14 clubs in your bag, that’s just the maximum. A fitter may recommend a smaller set, such as 9-10 clubs. They should help you find what’s best for your game. 


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