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Golf 101: Post-round stretches

You did all the hard work on the course so now it’s time to stretch. Today Dr. Savannah of @familyandcochiro is bringing us some easy stretches you can even do in the parking lot before you leave. You may recognize a few of these but listen up for some good tips and cues to ensure you’re getting that TRUE stretch!

It’s important to note that you should only perform static stretches AFTER your round. Research suggests that pre-round stretching may actually decrease performance. Refer back to our warm-up video for a dynamic, mobility focused and golf specific routine!

Some things to think about while stretching:

• Hold your stretch for about 15-30 seconds, breathe normally, and avoid bouncing

• Don’t forget to rehydrate with water/electrolytes, refuel with nutrient dense food, and recharge with a good night’s sleep!

• A little discomfort is okay, but pain is NEVER the goal. If you have pain, talk with your doc!


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