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Mixed Bag: Introducing Justin Kruse, Mimosa and Bloody Mary Golf

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

July 28, 2021

Welcome back to the Fore the Ladies podcast and our new series, Mixed Bag!

I recently met Justin Kruse who is a Risk Advisor in Toledo, OH. Yes, we met at a tequila night where I laughed so hard with his wife Stephanie who shared their golf stories with me. Yes, we're doing a podcast.

Over the years Justin has gone from being a general golf fan to an avid fan of women's golf but I'll let him share more of his story with you. After some tequila … and good conversation, we decided we should talk women's golf together … on a podcast! Now we present to you Mixed Bag. We'll talk about what's happening in women's golf. Justin will try to stump me with golf facts and who knows what else we'll add to this little experiment - it's a mixed bag. This first one is a bit long, but we hope to make these quick and snappy for you in future weeks. Enjoy!


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