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Golf 101: Women's Locker Rooms at Golf Courses

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Today’s golf 101 with Abby & Gabby is more of a pro tip: Use the women’s locker room!

Whether you’re at a country club or a private course, there could be a women’s locker room and all you have to do is ask where it’s located. It’s going to range from course to course, but this is a great spot to change into your golf shoes, put on sunscreen, take a post-round shower and relax for a few minutes before and after you play. If a locker isn't already tagged with a member's name, you're welcome to use it the day that you play. Just remember to be courteous of the space and take everything out of the locker when you leave the facility.

Shoutout to the Dormie Club for having everything we needed to prep for our round ahead and PGA/LPGA professional Gabby Steiner for hosting. Have you used a gorgeous women's locker room that we need to hear about? Let us know in the comment on Instagram!


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