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Golf 101: Tips for Pace of Play

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Your besties Abby & Gabby are back with another golf 101 tip and today we’re talking about Pace of Play! Watch the video and check out these tips below:

  • You should always be able to see the group ahead of you, whether you’re on the tee and they’re finishing on the green, or you’re in the fairway and you see them on the next tee.

  • A friendly reminder that if you crushed a shot and it’s getting close to the group ahead of you or in a nearby fairway, you should yell FORE in case they need to take cover.

  • While your playing partners are hitting their shots, you should be preparing for yours. You should pause when the golfer takes their final stance to hit the shot so you can watch, see where their ball goes and congratulate!

  • When you hear someone say “play ready golf,” it means that everyone should be keeping up the pace and not to worry too much about the order in which you and your playing partners hit your next shots.

Have fun out there!


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