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You're ready to play 9 holes with us at a Happy Hour 9

We know it can be a little intimidating to take your skills from the driving range to the golf course. But that's why FTL is here! Check out 3 reasons why you should join us at a Happy Hour 9 and how to make it fun if it's your first round.

fore the ladies happy hour 9 golfers

This isn't a tournament!

If you don't want to keep score, that's fine and we're here to have fun. That means if you're having some trouble on a hole, don't be bashful - pick up your golf ball and put it on the green or a better spot.

Play a game!

This is a super low key opportunity to take your skills to the golf course for a post-work or weekend afternoon 9-hole round. You can play a scramble, your own ball, alternate shot or another fun format! That way your full group is a team rather than worrying about your own game.

Watch this video to learn how to play a scramble.

We'll pair you up with like-minded players for this 9 hole round

Skill level doesn't matter! When you register we will ask for your average score (or if it's your first time, let us know!) and we'll pair you up with those of a similar skillset.


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