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What you should know about going on a trip to Erin Hills

Updated: Jan 4

We held our first midwest FTL Golf Getaway at Erin Hills this fall and cannot recommend it enough! Watch the video below for some of our tips for making the trip and keep scrolling for additional notes about this Wisconsin destination. Erin Hills hosted the 2017 U.S. Open and will be welcoming the U.S. Women's Open in 2025!

Additional Notes

  • The biggest and closest airport is Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport which is 35 miles away. Chicago is the next biggest city and is 115 miles away.

  • Their season is May through October so you can take in that lovely Midwest summer weather.

  • The lodging includes either private cottages or the Lodge that both give cozy luxurious vibes. I personally love the cottages that provide a mix of privacy and camaraderie. 

  • There are 18 holes at Erin Hills and it’s a big walk, so pack good walking shoes and definitely take one of their awesome caddies. Also be sure to listen to your caddie, as they have great advice on where to aim, club selection and reading greens.

  • While you’re out there, there are multiple beverage carts, snack stations and restrooms. Try the chocolate chip cookies and the Fescue Rescue! Also a hot dog on a pretzel bun is chef’s kiss. 

  • After your round, there’s more golf to be played with the 5-hole Kettle Loop that’s carved out of the current 18 hole course! 

  • There are a few spots to hang out after your round, including the Irish pub and our favorite, the back patio of the main clubhouse. 

  • We started our trip with a loop around The Drumlin, Erin Hills’ putting course. Their waitstaff will even bring your favorite beverages out to you. Highly recommend an evening round under the lights. 

  • There’s a women’s locker room in The Lodge where you can shower before heading to the airport

  • The espresso martinis are also delightful

  • Sit at the fire pits outside the Lodge Irish Pub

  • Check out the caddie barn and all the memorabilia!

  • Make this a one or two night adventure and you can even add other Wisconsin golf to your trip! You’re going to love Erin Hills. 


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