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Weekly 9 | March 28, 2024

Because waiting for the monthly finds just isn't enough.

Tis the season! The Masters Tournament tends to be the unofficial start to spring, ushering in the golf season. It also gives us a reason to get together with friends to watch the first men's major championship of the year and put our spin on the tournament's traditions. Since the tournament is only a few weeks away, we're sharing some of our favorite items for hosting a Masters party to help you prep.

Masters Inspired Food Picks-Skewers | $16+ - shop

Icons of the Masters tournament (the U.S. shape, the green jacket, azaleas, etc.) atop a skewer/stirrer? Chef's kiss.

Green checkered tissue paper | $14 - shop

You could use this tissue paper in baskets for pimento cheese sandwiches, individual plates, to wrap utensils ... the uses are endless!

Caddie Uniform | $149.99 - shop

There are so many good outfit options for a Masters party but going with an on-theme fit of the caddie uniform is always fun (and a good repeat outfit for Halloween!). This company does custom name and number badges on the uniform and comes in sizes for the whole family.

Mackenzie Childs Tee Time Dish | $149 - shop

I just received this as a gift and it would be a perfect tray for guests to place their keys, cover with tees and ball markers, or use as decor on the tablescape!

Golf Cart Roadie Frosted Glass | $20+ - shop

Sara had previously featured these in the FTL finds newsletter and now is the time to bring them back! Use these plastic cups while enjoying an Azalea beverage and allow guests to take them home as a party favor.

Golf Tee Toothpicks | $20 - shop

This set comes with 200 toothpicks to be used on mini sandwiches, caprese salads on a stick, on cupcakes ... you know what I mean.

Rafia and Lacquer Custom Tray | $79-$120 (sale) - shop

You can customize this tray with your initials between golf clubs which can be used to hold beverages, create a beverage station or hold any other items for the party!

CHIPPO Game | $180 - shop

While the broadcast is always good, not everyone will want to sit in front of the TV for hours. This chipping "bags" game is super fun to put in the backyard and can be played by anyone of all skill levels.

Taste of the Masters | $180 - shop

Want to bring the best of The Masters to your party from the tournament itself? The Masters has started selling this Taste of the Masters kit over the last few years that includes egg salad, pimento cheese and pork barbecue sandwiches, cookies, popcorn, souvenir cups and more from the tournament. This serves 12 to 14 people and would be such a fun surprise for guests!


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