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Weekly 9 | March 15, 2024

Updated: Mar 28

Because waiting for the monthly finds just isn't enough.

Golf season is upon us across the nation and one of our favorite topics while playing is deciding what to eat and drink (see Chelsea's blog for more on that). For this edition of the Weekly 9, I'm sharing some of my favorite libations to have on the course! Please note that these beverages are for those ages 21 and older and please drink responsibly. Cheers!

The Azalea Cocktail | recipe

A favorite at Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters, this drink includes lemon and pineapple juices, vodka and grenadine.

The Transfusion | recipe

This classic golf beverage includes vodka, ginger ale, grape juice, and lime juice. Lore says that President Eisenhower conceptualized a true golf favorite.

Vodka Lemonade | recipe

Literally in the name, this is my go-to choice if I'm having a cocktail on the course. It's simple and can likely be made at any halfway house, while also being incredibly refreshing.

Ranch Water | recipe

For our margarita fans, this is a simpler cocktail of tequila, lime juice and mineral water. Refreshing, not too sweet and perfect for a hot day.

Bandon Dunes Pale Ale (Course Beer!) | find this beer

I love when golf resorts and courses partner with a local brewery to make their own spin on a beer. I had this pale ale while playing Old MacDonald at Bandon Dunes and it completed the experience!

Cutwater Lime Margarita | find it!

Margarita in a can? Sign me up. Easy to put in the cart, push cart or drink compartment in your golf bag.

Sawgrass Splash | recipe

Like the Masters, The Players PGA Tour tournament has a signature beverage that makes spectating that much better. This one includes Grey Goose orange, lemonade, orange and lime juices.

The Woodpecker | Pinehurst Resort

Some golf resorts have signature beverages, too, and the Woodpecker at Pinehurst Resort is one of my favorites. You can only order it at The Nest, a halfway house on course Nos. 2 and 4. The Woodpecker includes vodka, Sprite, grenadine and made with love!

Bloody Mary | recipe

For those Saturday morning rounds, may we suggest a filling bloody mary? Might as well as if they have bacon to put inside.


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