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Weekly 9 | Feb. 9, 2024

Because waiting for the monthly finds just isn't enough.

I have this guilty pleasure of wanting to buy a new golf bag every year. While you don't need to do that (I'd recommend every few years or once you notice some tears in the fabric/straps), it's always fun to look. Below are the bags on my wish list. They are all carry bags because cart bags seem unnecessary in my opinion. Cart bags do have dividers for every club but you'd never walk with them and a caddie would hate having to carry it or swap it out for your round.

Sunday Golf Loma Bag | $119.99 - shop

If you're starting to build your golf set and using about 6-7 clubs, I love this incredibly light golf bag from Sunday Golf. It's less than 2 pounds when empty and comes in 13 colors! It's a great price point, too.

Jones Utility Stand Bag | $185 (on sale currently) - shop

Every time I see a Jones golf bag I always ask myself why I haven't tried one yet. I always like the colorways, hear great reviews from friends, and right now they are on sale! The Utility Stand Bag R has water resistant fabric, six pockets and is only 5 pounds when empty. Plus, they are constructed from recycled fabric and uses 100% PET single-use plastic bottles allowing for a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Titleist Player 4 Carbon | $270 - shop

I currently have this bag in navy and really like it. Plenty of pocket space and it is around 4 pounds when empty. I mostly use a push cart these days, but I know caddies don't mind this size. I even added the FTL logo to mine!

Shapland Elate Stand Bag 2.0 | $440 - shop

I know there's sticker shock on this bag, but I do think it's really pretty (can a bag be pretty? Yes). I do think the price tag comes with everything they've put into this bag that you don't always see: A valuables pocket with key ring, pocket for your rangefinder, mesh golf glove pocket and more. I'm intrigued!

SL2 Fadeaway Golf Bag | $398 - shop

I love the Fadeaway Japanese Lily color way of this bag! It has more than 700 positive reviews on its site, so it's definitely a golfer fav. It's just under 5 pounds and comes in 15 colors, so there's certainly a bag for everyone! I also love the customization features with this bag where you can add your initials. I have heard the pockets on this piece are fairly narrow and slim, so keep that in mind if you think you'll need it.

MNML MV2 Golf Bag | $299 - shop

My friend recently bought this bag because she loved that the pockets close via magnets versus zippers. It's also 5 pounds and has a thermal pocket to keep your bevs nice and cold! She shared that storage is smaller than expected but they will do custom hand-painted customization on your bag to really make it your own.

Ping Hoofer Golf Bag | $275 - shop

I've heard this bag is a golfer favorite, especially if you played college golf (they walk their rounds!). It's 5.5 pounds with 16 pockets! It also comes in nine colors and we love our options.

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Dual Strap Stand Bag | $339.99 - shop

Another bag where you can personalize the name plate on the bag. I like the retro look to this one with the stripes.

Vessel VLS Lux Stand | $385 - shop

Vessel makes extremely premium golf bags and I used to have this white one. It's just under 5 pounds and the leather is soft as butter. This bag has six pockets and I appreciate the small zippered one above the golf ball pocket. Good quality and slick look.


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