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Weekly 9 | Jan. 5, 2024

Updated: Jan 19

Because waiting for the monthly finds just isn't enough.

This week my interests were all over the place, which I suppose is what happens with the fresh start of a new year. I ended up finding golf drinking games for the adults, a mini golf game for the kids and more winter looks.

1) 8-Piece Mini Golf Playset | I think it'd be so fun to set this mini wooden golf set up around a living room or let your kids design a course for everyone to play.

2) Range Vest - Byrdie Golf Social Wear | At the time of this posting, Byrdie Golf Social Wear has a sale for 30% off sitewide! I love the plaid pattern (I have the trousers!) and this vest is even reversible. I would highly recommend checking out their timeless styles.

3) Peloton Stretch | One of my goals this year is to stretch before and after any physical activity. Peloton has hundreds of stretches in their library that range from five to more than 30 minutes and you can focus on either a full body stretch or specific parts of your body. My go-to post-workout activity is a 10-minute full-body stretch.

4). Golfweek article: So many LPGA players who thought about calling it quits enjoyed breakthroughs in 2023 | If you need a little emotional boost, read these feel good stories from Beth Ann Nichols and get to know some of the players on the LPGA Tour.

5) CALIA Women's Golf Johnny Collar Sweater Polo | I'm a big fan of the sweater polo on the course. I can wear a base layer underneath and top it with a vest if needed. The Calia line seems to place everything in a set which you'll see in the link here paired with joggers!

6) On Course Golf Drinking Game | You can always count on Uncommon Goods to have a themed gift idea and their golf selection is pretty solid. This drinking game seems like it could lead to a hilarious afternoon and let's be real, we make our own golf rules from time to time.

7) Helena V Neck - Malbon Golf | Another V neck polo for you and I'm really curious about this long-sleeved one from Malbon Golf. I haven't tried anything from their women's collection, which first launched earlier in 2023, and they're another brand who does a nice job of creating mix and match outfits. It comes in eight colors, so you know if I like it ... I'll buy it in another color.

8) Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror | I talked about this in my Golf Galaxy video, but my putting really was atrocious in 2023. I like the simple nature of this putting tool that I could leave in my car and bring with me to the practice putting green.

9) Robbie Pant - Jayebird Golf | I received these as a gift and they are incredibly comfortable while perfect for the season. I'm someone who cares about pockets in my golf bottoms and these have two large ones in the front as well as ones you could open in the back. A little chuckle for you - the three guys I was playing with thought I was wearing pajamas, but once I explained the performance material, the plaid trend for winter, shared the brand and made them laugh, I think I made them all fans.

Til next week, play well and practice!


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