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Mixed Bag, Ep. 04: Solheim Cup Recap from the lido deck

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

September 7, 2021

Glad that it’s over but sad that it’s over. That’s how Justin and Abby are feeling after a week of working (Justin) and attending (Abby) the Solheim Cup at Inverness Club in Toledo, OH.

This episode covers it all. We talk about Europe’s win, Leona Maguire’s epic play, what was “elite” or not at the Solheim Cup, how the course played, rules controversies and their place in SC history, pods, Justin flying through the gala, the peddle bar and Gwen Stefani in Toledo, Toledo’s atmosphere and the 130,000 fans who came to support women’s golf, Abby’s fiance loving every minute of it all, and so much more. It’s a big episode but we couldn’t have asked for a better week celebrating the Solheim Cup and our city.

We’ll see you in Spain in 2023!

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