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Ladies of Golf: Elyssa Nastalski, Co-Founder of Dogwood Country Club on the entrepreneurial spirit

Today we welcome Elyssa Nastalski, co-founder of Dogwood Country Club, Raleigh’s first urban country club which is an indoor golf facility. Prior to launching Dogwood, Elyssa worked for a golf startup leading their marketing efforts and working her way into becoming a company partner. She recently oversaw the development of Dogwood Country Club's new location, just north of downtown Raleigh.

Elyssa shares the journey that brought her and her husband to launching Dogwood in 2018, from the original concept to adding staff and designing their dream space. Abby and Elyssa discuss the different types of entrepreneurs, how to keep going and find times of peace. We hope you enjoy this conversation and that it encourages you to chase your dreams in 2023!

Follow Elyssa and Dogwood Country Club on their respective Instagram accounts and book your next tee time at Dogwood CC on their website.


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