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Ladies of Golf: Becky Newell, Tournament Director, 2021 Solheim Cup

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

July 11, 2021

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For today's Ladies of Golf interview, we welcomed Becky Newell, who is tournament director for the Solheim Cup. Becky has been tournament director for the event in the past, but this time around, the Solheim Cup is being contested in a place near and dear to her heart of Toledo, Ohio.

Becky has a fun and winding career path, starting her career in education and transitioning into sports. Her passion for community and golf shines and she is certainly an inspiration for anyone who wants to lead in sport.

Now before you listen to the full interview, hit pause and head to the Fore the Ladies Instagram because We're doing a sweepstakes with the Solheim Cup! You could win a prize pack or tickets to the event this fall, so make sure you check that out and enter. As always, this Ladies of Golf interview is brought to you in thanks to our partnership with the United States Golf Association. Let's get into it!


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