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See You in Charleston? Fore the Ladies has teamed up with The Fried Egg

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

January 5, 2022

See you in Charleston? We hope so! Okay, so you may be wondering ... what's The Fried Egg?

They're a newsletter. A website. Podcasts. Events. And an awesome group of people. They're bringing golf fans (and tragics) amazing stories and experiences, so we're honored to be teaming up with them! Check out everything they do here.

So many of you have asked when we're going to create more golf outings. And now we're stoked to bring you a new playing opportunity with our new friends! We hope there’s many more of these to come, but have to start somewhere, right?

Back to The King Tide. It’s 36 holes. There's no handicap requirement, you can play the competition or just play the course. You'll play with other FTL golfers. Perfect right? The Fried Egg typically sells out of these events, but they’ll be holding a few foursomes for FTL and we’re incredibly excited to join them. And for those who want the FTL Intro-to-Golf Clinic, we're hosting one at Charleston Muni the same day! After the clinic, we'll join the TFE crew for bevs and snacks with a food truck at the course. Overall, going to be an epic day, which we’d highly recommend turning into a weekend (have you shopped King Street?).

Quick Details:

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022

  • Location: Charleston Municipal Golf Course – Charleston, SC

  • Entry Fee: $325/player

  • Registration

More Details (Equally Important) Format: The King Tide is a 36-hole (18 best ball, 18 alternate shot) team event where players will compete as two-person teams for both gross and net prizes.

Is there a handicap requirement? Absolutely not (we knew we liked these guys). If you don’t want your score counted and would rather just enjoy the golf course, you can do that too!

Extracurriculars: Make a weekend of it! On Thursday 3/31, The Fried Egg will be hosting a small group of players at the Country Club of Charleston for an additional fee. This is where the 2019 U.S. Women’s Open was played!!


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