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Ladies of Golf: Lauren Niemiera, golf instructor and basketball referee

Updated: May 15, 2022

March 23, 2022

So to kick off March Madness … oh you didn’t know we’re a basketball podcast now? Just kidding, sort of. Our latest Ladies of Golf feature is Lauren Niemiera, a LPGA Level 1 certified golf instructor at Five Iron Golf Chicago AND a basketball referee for the G League and NCAA Women's College Division I conference. Badass right?

Lauren's story is very cool. She played division 1 basketball and golf and has continued to balance her life between the two sports. We talked about her career path, working at Five Iron Golf, becoming a golf instructor, being a female in two male dominated industries and earning respect. This is a fun one and we hope you all enjoy our conversation.

Follow Lauren on Instagram and if you're in Chicago, you can book lessons with her here!


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