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Ladies of Golf: Andrea Lee, professional golfer

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

April 20, 2021

"Everyone out there [on tour] is so focused on what they're doing and what's best for them. I think you really need to learn what's best for yourself in order to really thrive out there and become more comfortable."

For our next Ladies of Golf interview, brought to you by the USGA, we welcomed professional golfer Andrea Lee. Andrea and I first met when she was competing in junior golf tournaments and I worked for the AJGA. After her junior days, she went on to compete on Stanford's Golf Team where she won a record NINE tournaments!

Andrea left Stanford early to turn pro in 2020 and had a pretty solid rookie season. We caught up about Andrea's amateur days, the stiff competition in amateur golf and how it prepared her for professional golf, her start as a pro and more. You can watch here or listen on Apple & Spotify podcasts!


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