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Ladies of Golf: Amanda Herrington, PGA Tour

As we close in on 2019, Fore the Ladies will be featuring some of our favorite leading Ladies of Golf and their accomplishments from the year. We’re honored to celebrate their successes and look forward what’s to come from each of them in 2020.

Amanda Herrington is Director of Communications for the PGA TOUR and our next Lady of Golf. You can follow her adventures on Twitter and we hope you enjoy learning more about Amanda’s experience, her goals and accomplishments.

What is your role?

Director of Communications, PGA TOUR

How long have you been at your company?

5 years

How do you define success?

Having a job or doing something you love that allows you to use your talents and skills to the best of your ability. When you love and have a passion for what you do, it shows in your results and your personal happiness. Not everyone is lucky enough to love what they do, so when you do, it gives you gratitude. As many, much wiser minds have said, gratitude is the path to peace and happiness.

Biggest success of 2019 and why?

Recently, the PGA TOUR has shifted focus on how to grow a more diverse fan base. That means appealing to different groups of people. While our tournaments are engaging with new groups on a local level (think concerts and food trucks), we have looked to our players to help expand and diversify the people we reach. Through an internal program within the Communications department called Catalyst, we've identified the unique back stories and interests of our players that allow us to target media and content placements to tell their stories off the golf course.

Before Justin Thomas was an 11-time PGA TOUR winner, he was an unknown kid who loved Bama football and had a killer shoe game. Through Catalyst, I knew his bucket list items included being featured in a high-profile fashion magazine and being the Guest Picker on ESPN'S College Game Day. In 2019, (with the help of A LOT of people), we checked both those items off the list, and exposed him to new audiences outside of golf.

What do you hope to accomplish personally or professionally in 2020?

This answer works for both. In 2020, I'd like to refocus on relationships. It is so easy to get lost in the work and lose sight of what, and more importantly, who, is around you. I'm fortunate to work in a global community of incredible people. My goal for 2020 is to make more time for relationships, professionally and personally.


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