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fore the ladies finds: october

Hi all! I just returned from a trip to France and while we tried our best to speak the language and immerse ourselves in the culture, I couldn't help but laugh when we found a common thread in playing golf. When we checked in at our first hotel, the employee at the front desk commented on my husband's Titleist bag and we then had a 15 minute conversation (in English) about golf courses to play in France. At a wine tour in Bordeaux, the person hosting the tasting laughed when we commented on the logo'ed golf balls in the shop. This led to a conversation about golf in the region and his upcoming trip to the U.S. I hope we get to play together! Sure, this is an extreme example, but I think you'll pleasantly be surprised when you share that you play the game. You never know what sort of invite you might receive or new golf friend you may make! We hope you're having a great fall golf season and enjoy these finds from Brooke, Kristen, Sara and me! Cheers! Abby President and Founder | Fore the Ladies, Inc.


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