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Conversations for the Course: From Strangers to Besties in Four Hours or Less!

Did you have to read The Odyssey in high school English class? So, I technically read The Oydssey freshman year. Just about the only memory I have from that horcrux of a book, is that those stories were verbally passed down and performed for years before they were printed.

This is my golf Odyssey.

These questions, hypothetical scenarios and daydreams left an impression on me the first time I heard them from friends and cartmates. And like Homer, I’ve enjoyed circulating them during my golf rounds.

Front 9 Questions

What’s your favorite hole here?

I like to ask this whenever I’m at a course I’ve never played and I’m with someone who has played the course before.

What pros do you root for on tour?

Believe it or not, this answer can be provocative!

What’s a golf course you’re dying to play, or a golf trip you’re dying to take?

Don’t hold back, dream big!

What American Girl Doll did you have and why?

Shout out to the Molly stans; glasses girlies rule.

Back 9 Questions

Two part question: What is something you love to see on a golf course that doesn’t always happen (i.e. a grand reveal)? What is something you loathe to see (i.e. bad body language from a cranky person)?

What phrase/lines/lyrics would you stamp on your 3 wedges?

I’m not ready to get the Hammer, but here’s what comes to mind for mine:

  1. ‘Cause, Darling,

  2. I’m a nightmare dressed

  3. Like a daydream

You win your club championship after making a birdie on 18, what are you serving for the championship dinner (appetizers, main course, dessert). You can cater anything your heart desires, there are no limits.

I picked this one up from the Group Golf Therapy podcast, thanks fellas!

Conversation for the 19th Hole

What was your favorite hole today and why?

These answers typically can go in one of two directions: either the hole you feel you played the best or the hole that you liked best

You have 10 rounds of golf left in your life and you can only choose courses you’ve already played. What are the last 10 courses (note, you can play a course more than once. If you want to play all 10 rounds at Pinehurst No. 2 go for it!)? And remember, the best part of this list is that it isn’t written in Sharpie!

This last question is my absolute favorite question and I save it for when the vibes are JUST RIGHT (thanks Patrick for the inspiration). I love the conversation that comes from this question and learning about the golf experiences that are meaningful to the person answering the question. My absolute favorite part is when someone gives an emotional answer of a course that is meaningful to them.

About the Author: Chelsea Kalt is an Account Manager for an ad tech company that rhymes with smick-smock. She currently resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her dog Parker. Her putter is a mallet shaped Odyssey, which makes shopping limited in the pro shop (IYKYK).


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