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Now here I go again, I see the crystal vision

Chelsea Kalt

girl playing golf erin hills

While this may not resonate with the entire FTL audience (after all we’re global!), my golf season is seasonal and limited. As a New Yorker, I’m never playing golf at home this time of year, and I won’t be playing at home for another few months. I firmly believe Q1 (sorry I operate in a broadcast calendar), is the worst time of year. The sunlight is scarce and the weather is freezing without the joy of the cozy-by-the-fireplace holiday vibes. Smacked back to reality on January 2, it was very easy for me to daydream about the upcoming golf season. 

Despite the frigid temperatures, the turn of the calendar makes dreaming for the 2024 FTL golf getaways a near reality! Shoutout to FTL for creating an incredible line up. If you told me 4 years ago I’d be a part of a community that had connections to these golf trips I wouldn’t believe you. I love to read about the new destinations online and to sneak a peek at some photos and pro shop items too. I look forward to Abby’s emails about signing up for a golf getaway and it turns my dream into a reality (shoutout Cabot Cape Breton, I hope to see you this August). Pro tip: Set an alarm on your phone and shirk your responsibilities for the minute the signup is live because the girlies filled up The Lily in less than 2 hours. Sheesh! 

I want to focus on improving my golf game and I’d like to take advantage of the free time in the off season to do so. A goal of mine for this off season is to connect with an instructor at one of the indoor simulator facilities in my neighborhood. I daydream of a longer drive and better short game, and the only way that’ll become a reality is if I take a lesson and practice! 

Lastly, and arguably the biggest dream of all, the 2024 daydreams of attending this golf tournament the second week of April are inching closer to becoming a reality too! But I’ll share those details in a separate blog. 

What are you dreaming of this off season? 

Cheers to a bright 2024, and may our daydreams become a reality. 


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